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    A good start, not sure if the metal roofs work the way you are using them but nice work. Love seeing all these re-imagined scenarios.
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    As a longtime fan of that path I must finally conclude that it looks terrible when in large quantities. Breaking it up with another path would help out a ton here, or even replacing it with something else entirely. 

    The station structure is nice though, I really like the repetition going on. A smidge of detail would help make it pop a bit more, perhaps just some deco trim lining the roof and windows/arches. This applies to the other structures as well: the foundations are there, but they are just a bit too simple right now to impress.

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    Yeah, it's very nice but the station building needs more work like more trim and variation in shape

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    Thanks for the feedback, I ended up changing to a straight tarmac path, and I put some old-school lights on the arches and roof (it looks pretty sweet).

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    hey look whos back

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    Raise the roof a little to make room for a decorative border. A row of flags on top of the roof would also be nice.

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