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    Damn these LSM pieces look awesome! Keep at it you're abbilities and creativity really add such extra depth at this fantastic game!

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    The LSM sprites were not made by me, they were made by YoloSweggLord. There's nothing new of mine in this screenshot - I just made it to experiment with the new features in OpenRCT2.
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    The LSM pieces will eventually get merged into OpenRCT2 on the giga and steel twister track, and probably the looping coaster track. I personally think a tire drive launch would look better on the junior coaster, but if the majority of people disagree with me, then they'll probably end up getting put on the junior coaster as well. At the moment, I'm trying to fix the shading on the fins so they match the in-game lighting, while trying to keep the color light enough that they don't look grey.

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    Crushing that 10x10. Too bad this isn't on reddit. xD

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