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    It's a start. It's missing lot's of detail and intricacies that really make a park shine. It's probably won't get too much love for good reason but don't worry, it's got a heck-ton of potential and is a very good jumping off point

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    Feels a lot like a vanilla scenario, especially those square roads. Whats going on with those funky brown paths by the tree rows though?

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    I don't know why you have a nice concrete parking lot next to a really random and messy dirt lot.


    Looks promising, but needs some detail and refinement.

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    Why do you want concrete everywhere huhu ? I just wanted a enjoyable car park in forest. And the other in the entrance was just for coachs.


    But many things didn't satisfy me then I started a v.2 of this park called Evasion ( but always with original game only ) :













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    New version looks better, except maybe for those entrance arches with the red glass which I think looked fine in the first version. Buildings are still a little plain and lifeless, I'd say you need to use more windows and more colour, but there are some nice details here and there like the helipad (very creative) and the use of the glass fences as flags! The cut off hotel with the pool is also nicely done.


    However, the park itself looks kind of small right now... But that impression might well go away as you start adding rides and building the actual park. Building without custom scenery can be challenging but also very rewarding once you start learning the tricks. I recommend you get OpenRCT2 and check out the current NE Multiplayer park for some inspiration! I'm looking forward to see more from you.

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    Thanks for your comment ! You're right for the entrance I forgot how I build this the first time, It was in fact better before. I can change easily !


    I'm happy you saw the little "inventive" détails. And I set a start of visitors around the pool, then we believe they come from the hostel.


    For the buildings I try to make them more attractive ( different walls, flower balconies, and great... gutters huhu ! ) but it's a little difficult with only the originals objetcs.


    It's for that I wanted a not too big park. When I have progressed I'll try to use customs scenery. Now I often stopped by the game when I want to build something, even I find some tips to doing otherwise.

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    I'm beginning to build some parks with customs scenerys and I look a lot of very impressive things in New Element ! For the moment I only use the original game, but I want try to download some objects for a next time. Here I want try to build a realistic park.

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