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    whoa the dinghy slide banners. Wonderful.

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    It looks great, but is it not a bit too...castle' be American themed?

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    That's probably the best transfer track I've seen in RCTLL.

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    I side with trav here, feels a bit out of place for the theming.  Especially the towers, which feel much more medieval, not American revolution.  Perhaps the turrets would fit better, but I almost suggest to get rid of the castle theme entirely.


    Rest is fanatic as always.

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    Yeah... Not feeling the castle towers so much. At least not with the theme. The rest is looking good!
  • Kumba%s's Photo

    It's a fort. 


    I am looking for a few more testers. PM me if interested. 

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    Doesn't look medieval to me, though not really late 18th century American either, but on the other hand very much late 19th century American! Neogothic, early skyscraper style, kinda. None of that around at the time of the revolution though (even though the neogothic style was in its infancy back in Britain at that time). 


    Anyway that's a minor issue I think. As often evidenced by neogothic architecture (and other neo-styles too, for that matter), art historical accuracy doesn't always seem to be the prime focus, especially not in an American context. Which actually makes these very un-18th-century towers perfectly plausible in terms of RCT realism. Also consider this is a themepark setting, where exceptions to strict historical accuracy are readily made for the sake of heightened atmosphere. What actually matters in this screen, though, is that this is first rate RCT. The transfertrack is huge but very well done, I especially love the flatride platform as ground texture, and the weeds growing there! And the waterslide awnings are really cool.

  • Louis!%s's Photo

    Yeah I don't get the theme here either. 


    Also, the transfer track is massive and too 'steel coaster-like' for a wooden coaster IMO.

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    I kind of think about Spain or France looking at this!

  • BlazingEmpireHD%s's Photo

    Best transfer track section ever. I actually think the castles fit. May just be me though.


    I like it! :)

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    You always excel on the small details, like the wonderful water slide banners and the queue theming, but this station building isn't quite doing it for me. That may be due to the limitations of LL's medieval theme, as the pieces are pretty inflexible, but this doesn't really read to me as a fort. Maybe if you treat the station as a portion of the fort and build up some walls around the queue to make it feel like you're contained within a fort, that could help. If you're willing to go a bit more drastic, a lot of British colonial forts back in the revolution days looked like they were constructed of logs; perhaps going with a rougher look could make it feel more like a military fort in 1770s America instead of a non-descript castle blob. Everything else we've seen from this design has been so clever, distinctive, and on-theme, so to have a station feel so out-of-place would be hard to look past, particularly in a design where arguably a coaster (and its ancillary buildings, ie station) are the focus of the map.

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    Thanks for the feedback. It's looking less fort-like each time I look at it now. I might go back to the drawing board on it...

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    This wouldn't look out of place a century later... with that being said, not all forts at this time were those log ones... they had huge stone star forts. It's an amazing screen as is but I'd go with Robbie's first idea...
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    All it needs is a change of castle, the structure itself is beautiful, it just needs a bit of re-texturing.

  • trav%s's Photo

    Yeah I'd agree with Louis, I think some sort of brick/wood mixture here would look awesome.

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    Will this park be released soon?

  • Kumba%s's Photo

    idk, re-doing a few things. Would take a solid day or two to finish, but have not found much time for it. It will be finished sometime over the Summer.

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    the alamo looked like this right? have to say this is LL done right, modern feel, no compromises on how it looks and easyly going but it's LL just classic work that feel fresh even in a game as old as LL

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