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    While it's a good start, it needs fine tuning, the buildings are mostly plain blocks right now. Roof trim and variation are good ways to start

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    I actually like the gardens way more than the structure itself.

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    I think all of it works, the architecture too. Good scale, and pretty gardens. The plainness doesn't bother me but there is definitely room for more detail. If I look up this villa on google, I see there's a lot more going on on the walls and especially along the roof's edge. See if you an add a little bit of that. Get rid of the green balcony too. Why did you use green there? Seems random!


    Very nice sceeen though. Very nice.

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    I'm with Liam here, the building's plain but it actually works. Like a Roman villa or something. Only thing I'm not too sure about is the red roof... 

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    Very tranquil gardens. Listen to liam.

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    Oh so I noticed just now that "Roman villa" was the actual caption for this screen. Lol. 

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    Thanks for the tips, everyone!

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