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    For reference, this was before:Attached Image: Six Flags Magic Mountain 2017 2017-01-23 15-10-05.png

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    The red path is burning in my eyes. :p

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    The adding of benches and trashcans has helped a lot with the atmosphere, but it could use more!


    It is however a very good screen, and an improvement over the previous situation. Keep the work up!


    The red path is burning in my eyes. :p


    I don't think it's that bad here because it isn't that overpowering. It's been used with care. 

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    Much better well done.

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    Red path is still fine, everything else is improved. Nice!
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    I think the red path would work better if you didn't have such other harsh colors in the screen. Use a softer red for the path and have those bold blues in the architecture or vice versa. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice the realism for the aesthetics. I really think a peach path or teal roofs would be such an improvement and create an even warmer atmosphere. You got the skills, now hone them! Good work.
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    Its better, but he planters still need work.  Use less weeds and grass and more gardens and shrubs, wouldn't it be odd to go to a park that has all their tree planters and gardens replaced with ugly weeds and long grass?  


    Again, I think some of the color and texture choice is weird, too much brown, but it shows promise.

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