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    Bringing this over from reddit:

     Vermilion Bird is phenomenal otsdarva!

    The trick to get the boardwalk-style wooden paths is genius. Support work is well done although I found using B&M track too thick for what you really want to achieve (obviously can't be helped given the diagonal support requirements). I appreciate that the landscape actually flows from what was outside the park, it helps create the whole 'park' scene which I think my entry lacks a bit.

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    Fantastic stuff, really are able to use hacks to improve your parkmaking in a way that not many people can.  Everything feels natural, clean and well done.


    Hope to see more work from you soon, really enjoy the style you've developed.

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    goddamn one thing i want to know is how did u do the monorail so clean??? holy shit this is good (real response coming later when i have time)

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    @Stoksy: thanks man! I just replied to you on the reddit thread.


    @gforce: I appreciate the compliments! The tile inspector makes hacking a lot easier (and a lot less frustrating)


    @shotguns?: thanks dude! I'm assuming you're asking about the small gap between the monorail and the scenery blocks? Well the trick is to not do anything about it lol. I've experimented with filling in with small plants but that only works for certain angles. I realized that leaving the gap alone and have the monorail's color be similar to the scenery blends in better than anything I can think of to fill in the gap. This only works if the amount of monorail levels is high enough so that when viewed from the other angles, the surface can't be seen.

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    Incredible stuff. You're very talanted.
    Love the first drop.

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    Great stuff, very vibrant and clean! The maze trick is brilliant.
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    You should really play LL

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    So much trackitecture, yet not an overkill. Good job.

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    This is some killer NCSO.
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    This is unreal.

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    Looks like somebody built an LL park in RCT2. Nice work!

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    Nice use of the mazes as bushes and the station looks amazing.  I hate the B&M supports though

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    Yeah everything could have been perfect without the B&M supports. I don't know why people still do this... Otherwise I really love all the rest. ♥

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    Outstanding effort.

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    Is this up for DL somewhere?

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    Is this up for DL somewhere?



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    It's perfect. Really good job!

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    I appreciate the comments everyone! Lots of people express their dislike of the B&M tracks as supports but I can't think of an alternative. I'll try to alter it though (among other things) before deciding to submit it. The foliage needs to be completely redone as I'm not very pleased with it.

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    I think the supports are great, if anything they make the map.


    Definitely keep them.

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