Screenshot / there's dark magic within the swamp


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    comment below
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    i adore swamp theme


    maybe try rmc trains or make it an intamin


    looks lovely

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    Mack X-train?

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    Awesome foliage. Glad to see you back
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    you know i love a good swamp

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    Looks great. I would have preferred the coaster to go through the swamp a bit more instead of high above it.
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    I also don't like how the coaster is so high above the swamp. You can lower the coaster, but there's another solution that I think could be really cool. Shorten the supports, and make the footers taller. Make it look like a dirty tidal marsh.

    For the rest I think it's an awesome screen, quite unique. The spaceousness is great. The banked diagonal hill also looks surprisingly good, at least from this angle. Really looking forward to seeing more!

    Great to have you back.
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    Mack X-train?



    Maurer and Mack are not the same thing.

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    I think it's great darva, wonderful scene and foliage. The height is finefl for me too.

    Good to see you posting again.
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    The foliage mixing there is very convincing of a swamp or marsh look.  Nice.

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    This has the goods.

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    this kinda reminds me of kings domain right near the lake 

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    foliage was perfect
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    Thanks for the comments and the warm welcome, everyone.


    The other portion of the ride has low-ground elements.

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    I actually really like how it's high above the swamp. Feels more swoop-y. Also the hunting stand is a nice touch. If only you could make the water more brown! 

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    The swamp looks really good. The best thing about it is that there's so much of it, rather than just a small pond or something. It's like someone actually built a rollercoaster in the middle of a swamp, instead of just creating a small, artificial swamp as part of the coaster's theming. Cool layout too!

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    I like this, good job!

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    @Otsdarva, been a hell of a long time since ive seen you on here. Would you mind taking a look at the PM I sent you a couple years ago titled "Drop Tower". We talked for a bit but you went AFK and I never was able to figure out this windseeker problem I had.

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