Screenshot / Speed Design (3.5 hours)


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    From a realistic stand point the MCBR seems quite late in the design, but it probably wouldn't look right any earlier either. Not bad overall though, I can dig. 

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    3.5 hours? Would take me 3.5 days.
    Looks wonderful. The first element is beautifully made.

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    It would be nice if you could reduce the length after the mcbr to allow for a longer break run and not have so much straight track before the lift. Really like the rest of it though, from a layout point it definitely works.

    Guess the only problem is the size of the wingrider trains would probably not scale well with this layout at all.
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    So is this a recreation? Because it is missing an inversion.

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    ^no, nowhere near a recreation. 


    tdub - B&Ms new MCBR just seem to act as a pre-brake run now, they are never mid course anymore unless its an exceptionally long coaster, and even short coasters have them now, just towards the end. I guess mine is kind of in between the two, but then again, gatekeeper doesn't really do much after the MCBR either.


    lagom - thanks.


    g - i know what you mean, the straight track before the lift was intentional, it isnt actually because of the ending, it was built before the rest of the coaster, gatekeeper seems to have this pointless straight bit too, just copied it off that. scale wise, yeah its a bit meh, and the trains can clip through the supports in certain situations because they just aren't built for RCT. i hate the trains, the pacing is totally off on them, but they are the best option really.

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    ^no, nowhere near a recreation. 






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    Yeah very well done with that first element.. I didn't think there was a way to make that look not-shit.

    Can you show another angle?

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