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    B&M rarely use pre-drops anymore, especially on rides with a straight drop. They also don't use cross beams on their supports.

    I also think the layout is a bit odd in places, the extra long underground turn for example, this is avoidable by placing your dive loop in a more natural position.

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    I agree with Louis about the pre-drop, none of the Wingriders have them. The transfer area doesn't feel very B&M like to me though. You probably need 2 transfer tracks as you'll have 2 trains, and B&M transfer tracks almost always require the trains to reverse backwards to be put into transfer. The only B&M's I can think of that go forwards are Scream! and Bizarro which are clones of eachother. There may be more but it's very, very rare.


    Those are minor critiques though, I really love this for the most part. It reminds me a lot of Wild Eagle, especially with the first half and the steep lift. I also love the fact that the station has a way for people to wait for both sides as people often forget that when they build Wingrider coasters.

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    Oblivion goes forward into the transfer, Swarm also goes forward into the transfer. And i'm sure there are many more. The direction of the transfer for a B&M doesn't matter all that much. There are also many B&Ms with only 1 transfer track.

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    @Louis: by cross beams, are you referring specifically to the ones under the lift or the thin beams on some of the other supports? And also; what would be a more natural position for the dive loop?

    @Coasterbill: I am considering redoing the transfer by making the diagonal section longer and redoing the second half of the layout. Wild Eagle was the primary inspiration for this; the station is basically a copy of it with different colours. I did consider your comment (either from the last screen or on stream) and made sure to implement the ability for peeps to get to both sides of the station.


    I was never completely sold on the second half of the layout (after the splash) but was unable to come up with a decent finish so settled for what I had. I might have time to redo the layout today.

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    I'm not a big fan of 60-degree lifts and then drop 60-degrees. Especially when people make Intamin Hypers/Giga's like that. I agree with Louis about the cross beams. There should be none on the whole layout. There's only several BMs which use cross-beams on the lift. Ex. Leviathan, but that's a giga

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