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    I love Gemini 

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    Feels so raw, well done.

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    So simple, yet detailed. Good job.

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    Great to see you're continuing this!

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    Thanks Guys, I've gotten a lot of work done in the past few days.  Probably on pace to finish this within the month depending on my motivation.  The map is pretty small so the isn't much left to do.

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    The sand path looks a little bit too lapsed for a theme park. Do you have a reference photo for that? The coasters look great.

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    so glad this is back

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    I love this ! 

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    I probably could cleanup the grass and sand bits a lot here. Really, in real life open grass area aren't going to be quite as chaotic as I've portrayed here. However I'm trying to maintain a consistent density in the whole park as well and consistency within the foliage itself. It would probably look a bit odd if everything was super messy then the grass or sand bits were plain.

    However, if there is something I wish I could change for this park it would definitely be the underbrush and foliage. But at this point I don't see much point in changing it. I can always attempt this style again, and I probably will.
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    Nice racing coaster! But somehow it reminds me of Thunder Road from Carowinds!

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