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    Delightfully crunchy and immersive. Love all the imperfections in the roads.

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    This is incredible. I love the traffic lights hanging from the cables. This feels nearly photorealistic

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    This is very realistic. Very nice. Is the railroad track on a offset height? Only wished you had done that part, where the powerlines go in a different direction, differently. It looks a bit odd as it is now. It's on the right side of the screen. Besides that, flawless!

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    Is it bad that I can recognize what street corner this is inspired by?

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    Powerline height changes on the left could maybe use a new object, but that's my only piece of feedback I have to offer. The rest is fantastic, even as someone who doesn't live there, it feels like a typical American residential street. Love the scale of the sidewalks on quarter tile and grass boulevard, really sells it. Little details like road signs and the railroad crossing light are great. Looking forward to this.

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    Finally,  someone pulls off that old school turnaround fan support.  I made a shitty attempt at one using support objects and the reverser coaster turntable piece.  Didn't really work.


    Love this,  sort of a mishmesh of Elitch and Idora based on what I've seen.  Great action shot of the coasters. 


    The power line alignment is a little unfortunate but is really only a concern because the rest is so damn crisp and clean.  Fantastic work,  my most anticipated release alongside the fabled Riverview recreations.

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    So good dude, the world-building takes this to a whole new level

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  • Gustav Goblin%s's Photo

    So good dude, the world-building takes this to a whole new level

    Agree, any release with a strong backstory or an immersive atmosphere immediately strikes a chord with me. 

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    reminds me of the gta4 queens area hah


    Is it bad that I can recognize what street corner this is inspired by?



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    Awesome! Favorite details: the woodie turnaround and the fantastic houses (especially that window ac unit!)


    Also love that we're both working on neighborhood woodies right now.

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    Is it bad that I can recognize what street corner this is inspired by?

    Haha, well for you maybe a little but I'm glad it came off that well!


    Thanks for all the kind words guys!

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    This is so good, it just feels so humid idk! but i love it man

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    This has got to be one of the best neighborhood scenes I've seen in RCT. It doesn't look overdetailed, just the right amount.

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    This feels so real... 

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    I bought it at the credit card store. Love that extremely subtle mahoning sign for some reason. Minty screen.
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    Amazing work G Force. I always enjoy your work.

  • Description

    Unlike many newer theme parks, Mahoning Gardens is set closely within its surrounding community. Considered one of the last truly "urban" amusement parks, Mahoning is, in many ways, the heart of the Highland Parks neighborhood. Even to this very day, nearly 100 years after Mahoning first opened back in 1891.

    Originally a public botanical garden on the grounds of the Mahoning family mansion, the gardens are very different today... as is the neighborhood around it. Unfortunately, some even say the town has changed so much that it no longer needs the park, or rather that the park would be better off without the town. But rest assured! Mahoning Gardens is certainly here to stay, hopefully for another 100 wonderful years!

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