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    you know that side of the park always has stuff happening to it

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    MY TRAIN! :(
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    it's all a conspiracy theory to add new attractions :p

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    Insurance fraud???

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    Riverland Park was an inside job

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    Insurance fraud???


    seconded. We believe Riverland has always wished to replace the scenic train ride, however we do believe there is an investment oppertunity. The Insurance company will not charge you for fraud if we can have some of the benefits of future developments......

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    Riverland denies these baseless and unsubstantial accusations firmly!


    hehehe :D



    for reference:


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    Oh no! I wonder what will come in it's place! :p

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    Rip in peace :/

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    it's all a conspiracy theory to add new attractions :p

    There is something fischy going on here... 
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    There is something fischy going on here...

    Can someone ban Lagom. The puns are too real.
  • Description

    Today marks a sad day in the history of Riverland!


    A kitchen fire at Riverside Restaurant caused the building to almost burn down completely.

    Thankfully everyone was evacuated from that part of the park quickly and no one got injured during the incident.

    But due to the dry weather and hot temperatures during the current summer the flames quickly spread to the nearby scenery and station of Geisterzug.

    We are sad to announce that the park's marquee wild west ride took severe damage. We have yet to assess how much of the ride was actually damaged today and if we can do anything to save the ride.

    Once we have more information, we will share it with you immediately.

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