Screenshot / Havana Cadillacs


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    You've captured the feel of the area perfectly. I love that chutch and the Hispanic influences are clearly visible. I don't understand that hedge near the road though...


    I do miss the iconic cars though. This might be one of those rare moments the WW American car object could be used. I'm sure there's a modified non-WW colourable version of it out there.

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    The hedge is there for separating the car ride from the actual path ;)

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    Now that's clearly amazing. The building with the statues is amazing. The foliage is amazing. The paths and the roads are amazing (I don't have a problem with the hedge near the road personally). I love the brown fences you added on top left of the picture, it fits very well with the rest of the area. Compared to your previous screens of this project, I think the contrast now is on point.

    The little negative points for me are: 

    - The blue building is a bit too blue, and misses some details. 

    - The brown tower with the free fall, it's hiding the area a bit and it's adding a little mess to this screenshot, but nothing alarming since you build in 4 angles like everybody else. ;)

    To sum up, this screen is great and it's clearly 80-90% for me. I'm finding again the Fred who built Arevik. I hope you will follow what you did here with the details, foliage and path for the rest of the park. 


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    This looks cool! Id change the mini cars to the old timers though (Havana is famous for old timers). And I would make some of the facades a but busier.
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    This is GREAT! The upper most bldg has one of the best design/looks that ive seen in a long time! the window over the entrance is an eye catcher for me. The rest of the layout is done very well and the choice of using the hedge at the road is quite common as to have foliage separating spanish villas. I think a 1/2 tile planter under the hedge would put it really spot on. EXCELLENT WORK.

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    That church is amazing. The buildings near the bottom of the screen (car ride) are lacking in detail compared to the rest of the screen. All the area needs now is some peeps, maybe a few vendors and some old time cars and the atmosphere will be amazing!
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    I love this. Especially that church! Other than the latter buildings being rather under-detailed, this is still so so good.

    I cannot wait for more!
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    Haters will say MS paint was used

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    Looks nice, would be perfect if it would look a little bit dirtier, if you know what i mean.

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    Awesome! Very Cuban.


    I don't mind the hedges separating the car ride from the road, but the main path ends up too tight because of that.

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    I love this, it's beautiful and engaging.

    I don't mind the hedge, but I wonder if it would block off the view of the car ride from the path?
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    perhaps drop the hedge a unit and put another fence on top so the peeps can see over the hedge and through the fence?

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    Your best work, Fred. Very, very good! Please remove the station platform though. Keep it up, man!

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