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    comment below
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    I would advise you to just build for yourself for a while without thinking about what we thing about it and then show a screen that's finished for once. You keep showing us unfinished screens.

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    Oh... Well sorry, i just like to show what i'm working on and maybe get some feedback too.

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    It seems unnatural that it comes out of the station then immediately veers off to the left. 

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    If you finish your screens, or at least the major part of it, it's much easier to make comments and give feedback as there's a lot more to talk about.

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    a good log flume needs elevation change and a drop!

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    Yeah, i realised that.


    I just built a gigantic bit and a new coaster and then MY 8CARS MAKES THE GAME CRASH. FUCKKKKKKKKKK I'M SO MAD.

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    Why do you think we all have 1700 versions of each project?

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    wait we're suppose to make additional saves of our parks?
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    I do save the park very often, but i forgot. Crap.

    I've remade the bit i lost except for the coaster and uploaded another screenshot (sorry Faas!).

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    ^except Coupon. He only has 1

    This was meant to follow faas' comment. It doens't even make sense now that coupon made the joke himself.

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    Why do you think we all have 1700 versions of each project?


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