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    I like the architecture. Could use some planters in the square I think.
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    Woah, the guy who thought of those fences near the restaurant is clever ;)

    Very good archy here. Amazing work!

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    I really like the architecture here. The red path looks kinda weird and akward. The wave swinger needs some more love near it's edges, some planters/flowers near it instead of straight path.


    Great work nonetheless!

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    Since I have family in Romania and have been there many times, I can say this doesn't look much like Romania. You might find architecture like this around Castle Bran (Dracula's Castle, I've been there), but I haven't seen buildings like this anywhere in Romania except for Bran. Then again it might just be because the capital of Romania is a shitty rundown city with trash and homeless everywhere, and worst of all: No theme parks!


    EDIT: The screen does look really nice though, good job.


    ANOTHER EDIT: Yes I did just make this comment to complain about the shitty neigbourhoods of Romania.

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    Maybe I had to be a bit more specific. It's inspired by Sighisoara :p

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    Good to see this area finally taking shape. Looks nice. Maybe add some trees or planters in the pathway to help break it up.

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    I wish it wasn't so square and facad-y.  However what you have is nice.  Backstage is a little out of control though, maybe something more in line with Legacies would fit this park better.

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    The architecture is great. It really reminds of Romania. I especially like the tan building on the far right side and the pinkish one next to it, they look very realistic. I'm not really convinced by the plaza. It looks a little bit plain and empty. The swinger is fine, but the umbrellas stick out badly and the terrace fences look a little bit awkward. Maybe some planters or a fountain and the addition of more benches and street lanterns would do the trick.

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    Beautiful archy MK, as I said to you earlier, it kinda reminds me of the archy of Phantasialand entrance plaza. :)

    The backstage are probably too large though. 

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    Aaaaaaaa, so good. It's very well decorated (minus path props), and is very great to look at, but it is also very...squarish, which might detract from the overall quality, unfortunately. I, for one, will still love this area irregardless.


    I think NE Multi VI is becoming my favourite anticipated release. Keep it up, you all!

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