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    comment below
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    Don’t tease me with this heartbreaking photo
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    These look awesome Louis. Are you planning to theme them or make designs out of them?

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    Awesome layout, but FUCK these coasters were the shit back in the day.

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    As someone who spent almost 2 years working at Universal and getting to see Dragon Challenge every day, this is an interesting take on these coasters.  I've tried to figure out how to make them in RCT, but there's too many diagonal elements.

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    I'd like to see the last helix right before the breaks on the blue one from a different angle. I'm not sure about it, but aside of that it looks very good.


    Good idea with the two stations to get the breaks/station area to be suitable in size.

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    This looks awesome!
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    Wow this is the best dueling dragons layout I think I've ever seen. Like I said on your Hulk screen you're very good at inspired recreations.

    From the lifts just before the brakes are utterly fantastic. You're quickly becoming my favorite layout designer. Which is impressive since Pacificoaster, G-Force, CP6, and Phatage are my favorites.

    Then there's that helix on the ice track.... it just looks terrible from this angel in my opinion, and I'm worried other angles aren't any better. There's gotta be a way to improve that.

    The whole massive triangular brake run and station complex work.... but I know you can probably do better. I'd love to see the whole thing give the beginning of the lift hill more room to breathe.

    Again absolutely fantastic layout overall.
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    Awesome! So good.

    Did you get them to sync up again?

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    So nice. I really love the symmetry of the cobra roll and batwing. I agree about the last helix on blue.

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    Please finish this.

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    The terrain makes this very hard to read in terms of height and such.  Looks pretty great except for the very ending of the Ice track, I think you can fit in a normal cork and avoid the awkward helix.

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    too soon.

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    How dare you tease me with such a heartbreaking photo.....I loved these rides so much. I might just have to use the layouts one day....

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