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    I like it, seems like a nice peaceful picnic area
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    This looks genuinely very nice. Better than my foliage

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    This is very hectic... And very overgrown. I'm not sure if it works everywhere, but it definitely works here.


    Again though... Use normal colours for your trees!

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    clearly you have some custom trees in this screenshot, but some of them do not really work well for me. really flat and 1 colored, without too much detail like the original trees from rct have. hard to describe but you got some moss-green trees that are just blend or overly shadeded

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    There's definitely some custom trees that do not work for this screen at all. I agree with biohazard that some just feel flat and do not provide well for this overgrown feel. That tree with the darkest green leaves and those oddly coloured green pines (all custom) do not work for me.

    Everything about this besides the weird selection works well in my eyes. Lovely work, mate!
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    I agree that the trees should be more normally colored as Liam mentioned. Some of the custom trees are a bit jarring to look at; but that's no fault of yours.

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