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    comment below
  • SensualEthiopianPolice%s's Photo

    The monorail as an ICE train is a good touch

  • CoasterCreator9%s's Photo

    I love the ICE train. This is pretty dang cool.

  • WhosLeon%s's Photo

    Amazing i love this map

  • Goliath123%s's Photo

    Beautiful work, are some of these trees custom ? Some look quite new

  • ][ntamin22%s's Photo

    Super cool.  Can't believe I hadn't known about this map.

  • RWE%s's Photo
    This is really great!

    You're always forgeting me haha
  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    Fuck me, this came together really well. Hope to be around soon to have a look on the server

  • MCI%s's Photo

    Looking good guys!

  • Fisch%s's Photo

    Damn RWE, I'm stupid. Every time haha. Sorry, fixed!

  • pierrot%s's Photo

    I fucking love this, one of the best use of the foliages ever.

  • trav%s's Photo

    Have we got the peep object added yet? If so, fill up the stands, there's a match on!

  • Fisch%s's Photo

    Only saw this now, but yes trav, it's already progressed since this screen. :)

  • CoasterCreator9%s's Photo

    Any chance I can come help out a bit at some point? I'm loving this project.

  • Liampie%s's Photo

    Just join the server

  • CoasterCreator9%s's Photo

    It was pretty busy yesterday, but I'll try to get in today.

  • Steve%s's Photo
    I said it before and I'll say it again, this is fantastic and probably even better than Mirage Islands, in my opinion. The whole map is incredibly well done, and also incredibly fun. Great job everyone.
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    Simcity RCT.
  • shogo%s's Photo

    It's too perfect, but saying that proves how much of a nitpicky subjective asshole I am. It's great, almost as good as those surroundings for tim's water park.

  • Louis!%s's Photo

    Isn't there a tree placed by me in this screen? :p

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