Screenshot / Final Screenshot for now of park Overview


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    comment below
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    Some of your structures look interesting, and large scale cities are always nice to look at, just a shame it's WW/TT scenery.


    In future, try not to upload so many screenshots at once though, as it floods the front page, but again, welcome to the site.

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    Ia it a compatability issue, is there any way for me to convert it? If I had only known from the start!! Yeah I have posted a lot, I couldn't see any way of grouping them in to a folder as such.

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    You can make a "Project" for them, which groups them together. But it doesn't keep each one from crowding the front page.

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    Ah right okay, in future then I will use the project function. I guess it's one way to get noticed lol Louis in what way are the structures interesting then? Is that a good or a bad thing?

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    Amblerk, I think it's cool to see so many new screens, but by posting them all at once I won't realistically take the time to look at all of them, apbesides the problem of flooding the frontpage. I think it'd be great to post one screen per week for exampe. You can still group them with the project function. This way you'll create some more buzz around your park as well, everybody wins!
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    Thanks, I have created a project file with the individual shots in.

    Now I realise the issues with the front screen flood for future reference...but obviously to late to change it now

    So if anyone could actually comment on the screenshots themselves that would be great. Cheers

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    So there's this game called Sim City that I think you might like...

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    Haha very funny. Never like sim city, you cant create anything custom. I have done other actual theme parks aside to this city concept. Just wanted to try something new.

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    This is kind of cool but I'd like to see more of it, can you perhaps upload like 75-80 more screens?


    Thanks in advance!

    (And I'm kidding... welcome to the site lol)

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    Haha I will message them to you personally ;) Any elaborations on "kind of cool" if you had chance to have a quick peruse?

    Thanks for the welcome

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    I have uploaded several of my city areas. including parks, industry, residential, commercial, there are several other areas as it is 256x256, but this is just a taster. Areas need touching up as you would expect with a park of such size, but some feedback would be highly appreciated.

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