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    It looks really good, but i dislike the editing.

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    Looks very accurate.

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    I love the editing. I'm not so keen though on the route with RCT you're taking. You have all this creativity and don't use it on this project.

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    The foliage is nice, the screen has a good atmosphere. It's too small for a darkride though, better call it a crooked house.

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    Not liking that bit of Photoshop/GIMP magic there (kinda feels overdone), but I love the actual content here, Julow. Blissfully simplistic. Please do more.

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    Just watched this last night. Good job. 

    I'd suggest adjusting your proportions a bit so the building isn't so block/square, but it's definitely recognizable so far.

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    This is the type of land texturing I like to see. You might also find use for Kong's Dirt Path Tile somewhere in this area to further the "shabby" ground effect.

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    My first thought was the same as Louis'. I hope you manage to expand this into some kind of park, though I fear it may be difficult to do...

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    I'm with posix tbh. I like what's here, it's really well done. But I'd rather see you build on that park of yours than this. Or is this part of the same movie park? Because in that case, you have my blessing.

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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Yeah the editing was a risk I wanted to take because the original felt a bit boring, in all honesty. I like it but I understand it can be a bit too forced.

    I just finished watching the TV series and I really wanted to do recreate it in RCT, it's just a "side project", I'm still working on the movie park. ^_^


    @mintliqueur I think I will convert it into some scene of a "studio tour/ dark ride". I want to finish it quickly, it' something I did in 2 hours and I want to end it asap lol. 


    @Posix I understand what you say, it's not something I can control, sadly.. Hope I will surprise you soon :) !


    @TerryInferno Thanks for the advice, very useful !

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    fuck the haters julow build what u want

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    Attached Image: NE Workbench 2017 by Louis! 2018-02-05 12-47-13.png

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    Is that someone being run over? Brilliant! 

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    Very sinister atmosphere on that one, really cool :p

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    Nope. It's a Tide ad.




    (It's very clean. I like it.)

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    Very cool atmosphere, julow! I'm not a huge fan of the foliage/land textures though.

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    You really are talented at creating awesome atmospheres and concepts.

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    Directed by J.J.Abrams

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