Screenshot / Taunus Park - Flying Coaster


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    loving the layout and interaction here

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    That is how you do it! That station building is so lovely. Keep up the good work!
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    This feels so rct-world, i wanna cry because of nostalgia.

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    Wow, this feels exactly like I used to build.  I think you've executed it more smoothly, but the object pallette and heavy use of vertical layers is giving me serious deja-vu.


    I may be a bit biased, but I like it!

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    Wow! Insta-fan!

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    Looks good! I'd change the green stripes on the buildings though, they blend in with the grass at certain angles and make some parts feel completely unreadable.

  • Daoniyella%s's Photo

    Thank you all! :)

    @saxman1089: You're right, i thought of changing this too. Maybe it will get a red color or something else, i will try what look best here.

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    This looks good, but please be more original in your naming. 

    "Flying Coaster"

    Try to tell a story with your theming/rides, it will also help in naming everything. 
    Solid effort!

  • Daoniyella%s's Photo

    Thank you Faas :)

    At the moment these are only place holders. There are some names on my list, next pic the actual names will be there.

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