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    Love it.


    Only thing that bugs me is the ghost train track for the windows being green.  Should be tan or something to blend in.

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    Looks great. I think we should have a DisneySea-off. 

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     The screen is very cool. It's a great art to create in this version of the game.
    Here I like the trees and the elevations of the buildings - smooth and wooden at the top.
    Extra accessories - very original.

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    Simply beautiful! 

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    amazing. i love the green ghost train track for the windows tbh
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    I really like it, the green motif makes it a bit different. You can do better on the waterfronts though. Wooden walls are not working.

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    Great work!

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    I feel like this is just a better cover of a nate park, as if he knew about modern conventions and the stylistic progression that has happened over the last decade. It's fine for what it is, but there's nothing aesthetically novel about what you're doing here. It's fine and all, but that's the issue. It's just "fine."



    It may seem sacrilegious to you but if you used this as your template for making more detailed stuff with codex and other novel ideas with trackitecture/scenery, You could make something truly great. I also agree with liam that the waterfront isn't optimal. 

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    Shotguns, i think i might disagree here, although im flattered by the natelox comparison. Even in this screen are a lot of subtle codex tricks that may be hard to pickup if you dont play LL- my work actually does rely heavily on it, i just try not to let it "interrupt" the aesthetic. It probably shows more in other areas too. You may be right that its not aesthetically novel in some sense, but i do think i have a distinctive LL style. Im not sure what point there is in being novel just for the sake of it anyway; i want my LL to look like what i think is good, and a healthy balance of faithful realistic detailing to softer LL aesthetic. So thats my justification here anyway
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    Yeah I can obviously see codex usage, but you're not really using it to vary up anything, rather than just for a few details and to make that dark brick maze texture.

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    Truly beautiful, nothing elde to add !
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    shotguns, i get your point but i disagree. you know i get wet for codex but i also really enjoy a good minimalist approach to ll which i think cocoa has done really well here

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     there's nothing aesthetically novel about what you're doing here.


    Everything doesn't always have to be reinventing the wheel. Personally, the "better cover of a nate park" look is precisely what I like about this. 

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    Best DisneySea since ~2003?

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    Fantastic atmosphere, scale and composition. Only thing I have a problem is the amount of solid walls at path level - a few more path/archways would go a long way, particularly on the wooden walls. You could also try sinking a fence/wall to create a base-trim of sorts.

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    Absolutely stellar work, Cocoa. Here, have a 90!

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    Possibly the closest to the real Nate we've seen.

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