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    comment below
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    looks nice, kumba
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    I love that seating area. Stunning.

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    is that.... an explosion!

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    Lovely LL.

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    I love that seating area too.  A very elegant way to keep an area separate, yet still part of the street.  The atom smashing stuff is awesome too!

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    I love the LL screen, no complaints.


    I think the logos screen could to without the ride sign/letters. It's ugly, large, confusing and it makes the more are even more chaotic than it already is. I think you could do without the sign.

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    I have really enjoyed LL and codex just as much. Glad you guys all like that screen.


    Remove the Atom Splitter sign? I love the lettering on it, so no way. Also a while after I made it, I noticed it's shaped kinda like a penis and balls. That makes it too funny to remove :lol:

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    that whole atom sculpture is so fantastic

    really incredible stuff

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    "Fix your bent antennae, tune it in and then I'm gonna enter in and up under your skin like a splinter, the center of attention back for the winter..." - Eminem "Without Me"

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