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    :o For a moment I thought this was rct2 :p

    Great work, boats are so awesome in rct

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    The steamship is brilliant. Is there a possibility to thicken the steam pipes?

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    It's a possibility, just not sure if I want to lol

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    ^roto drop tower?

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    how did you chop off the top of the gold steampipes? drop them down with codex or something? it looks really good.


    also, is that steam from a train or something? thats crazy

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    Cocoa, it's only the base of the ride, so technically, there is no top built yet.


    But you can remove the tops anyway, I did this in Jerusalem.


    The steam is indeed from a train

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    That liner is perfect! Your LL never fails to amaze and astound!

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    wow louis, im seriously impressed.
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    Thanks guys. Bit late but thanks all the same ;)
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    this is a bit ridiculous. wonderful boats.

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    LL is starting to get ridiculously meticulous... and I love it.
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    Wizardry! : )

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    God I love boat day <3



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    God I love this site!
    Boats look amazing! Incredible.

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    Still my go-to for how to make boats look good. 

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