Screenshot / Westerdok | 2013


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    These layouts always look like spaghetti but they're very nice-looking coasters nonetheless. You pulled it off quite nicely, since I don't think anybody else chose this type of layout in RCT yet. Supportwork looks a tad messy but that doesn't make this screen bad at all. I like it.

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    that is so fucking cool

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    What a great way to use the available space lol. Somehow I like the supports.

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    yeah i think you did a good job with that, all things considered. you could presumably make the 4dim track invisible and lower b&m track in its place to make it all the same style

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    Amazing. I would love to see more Vekoma Stingrays in RCT2.

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    very good
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    I sense some Grona Lund inspiration. Might be the second or third Stingray I've seen in RCT2, but this is probably one of the best I've seen. Architecture isn't too bad in general, but perhaps a bit disharmonious.

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    great colours and technical skill

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