Screenshot / Emerald Heights


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    Love this park girls, probably one of my fop 5 from the contest.  Atmosphere was great and the style was pretty fresh.


    Almost felt like one of those old realistic H2H4 or 5 parks with a bit more ambition and flair being LL.  Hope to see more from both of you going forward.

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    really lovely composure and vibe. excellent stuff. love the train under the path btw

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    A little more conventional, but still has your very playful signature.  I think your style is really starting to come together well.

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    Absolutely love the look of this.  There's just so much life in it.  Great color selection and good use of landscape (both foliage and actual land) to drive the look and feel of this whole area.  I'm a fan of the coasters too especially the start of the Schwarzkopf and how it interacts with the loop.  This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to install LL again so I can enjoy it.

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    yeah this is great. great job erryone

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    It looks great :)

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