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    I love ancient shit, bring it on Lily. Not a huge fan of the big black roof, can you break it up somehow? And maybe add some theming on the other side of the path where the foliage is now. The opposite sides of the path are like different worlds. At least have a single brick structure echo the main building, and be more conscious with your tree selection.

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    Nice again. Your version of RCT2-in-LL is subtle and quite unique. It's certainly likable. You pay acute attention to details, without over-detailing or obsessive traces left on your style. You force yourself to innovate a lot, which is both good and bad sometimes, but ultimately applaudable.
    I would consider to change up the tree combo. I don't find it a very nice mix. The bright desaturated trees in particular stick out visually too much for me.
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    This is great. I also love how you're keeping it peepable. I'm trying that now as well and that stuff is hard!
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    I'm a fan of these Egyptian objects and stone walls.
    The improvised awning was good, I liked :)
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    cool train colors and I like the big flower
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    Apart rom the black roof, this is ace! Keep flying the flag for amazing LL!

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    There's a lot of ruins / in mesopotamia

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    6 or 8 thousand years ago they laid down the law
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    I dig it.

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    Nice awnings via bobsled.  Where's the 3rd pyramid?

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