Screenshot / Reboot... Spaceport Omega.


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    comment below
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    Better quality I think.

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     Quite a nice station for the train

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    Is this still the same spaceport as back in the day, or did you start it from scratch? Despite the semblance to a male sex organ I can dig this. It's simple but effective.

    Welcome back!
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    Very impressive!


    My only comment would be to break up the grey a bit more with some more colour accents. Perhaps even colouring all the roofs and flat surfaces black would help making it less monotone.

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    Holy shit... you're back!

    Always looking forward to new space stations... I agree with Jappy though, this would look nice with a black roof and colour accents but the overall structure is very cool, feels quite postmodern.

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    Thanks everyone.

    This screen is from the old park, with the pixels touched up in an app. And I wanted to continue it, but it seems the file is corrupt, even if downloading the unfinished map from here. I’ll click a sign and it crashes... anyways, I’ll have to start from scratch it seems. But with the way I jumped the gun and released it incomplete however long ago, and how it ticked everyone off, I want to provide a finished version as a sort of way to make up for that.

    As for the suggestions, I kind of thought the mass of gray provide a sort of negative space to draw the eye to focal points where the colors pop. But now that I think about it, perhaps all black roofs would indeed look better. I’ll keep it in mind for the new map. :-)
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    gets very cool structures involving glass and irons
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    Are you using OpenRCT2 by any chance? That could be where the sign issues you mentioned are coming from.

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    ^ yes... do you happen to know of any way to fix it?
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    It's a current issue with the game unfortunately. I'd assume the developers are working on it.

    There are a ton of issues about signs in general on Github: is:open sign

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