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    I didn't know the Efteling had a B&M invert. I think I would've noticed last time I went.


    The building looks great, even though I think the texture doesn't really fit. It makes it look too dark. Another thing is that planter on the stairs, it completely blocks the view of the building for the guests. It's just a small thing but I'd remove it.

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    I love it! I think the colours are just fine, the foliage makes up for it. You're improving, keep it up!

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    Very nice this castle for me, I like the good one.

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    I like your take on it, good job. Maybe cut down on the black but it's no biggie. I also like the figure the boats pass under. It's a figure, right? You can make it more clear but you're already mostly there.

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    Clean, convincing, atmospheric. Good job

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    Steadily improving.

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    This is weird.  Rarely do we see something that has already been re-created in RCT at such a high level built again, multiple years later.


    Considering I think Liampie's version is probably better, you could certainly improve upon that.  Otherwise its just a little underwhelming, despite being solid in its own right.

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    I don't think liampie's is even the first. But I like yours, its darker and has a nice composition, although I agree that the black wooden poles are too strong- a more natural dark brown would be key imo (maybe with mekong palette :p)


    I think your actual rapids river could use a bit more work- it seems both wide and quite pointy from what I can see. gotta make sure those boats always get guided the right way and dont get stuck anywhere IRL

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    all is very nice, this was the part I + loved :)

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    Agreed very much.  Great work with the sunburst motif.

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