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    Love that huge black window and the way it's blocked out. Plaza outside is great too. Tree colors look weird. The only other complaint I have is that I would wrap the roof on the building in the top left around to the center, so it looks uniformly sloped all the way around rather than three different roof styles all visible from the front (the low slope hip roof, the flat section, the tall gable).

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    Oh my God, where do you get these imaginations from? hehe, it was wonderful, the details remained perfect.
    It looks like a photo of a real scene in real life :)
    i loved all
    I will tell you the true, I will use some of these details you did in my new park :D
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    I like this project. Keep going.
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    Nice improvement over what you showed earlier. Also looking forward to seeing more of that Fata Morgana thing, but I can already tell that you can probably do a better job making it less blocky and plastic looking.

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    Undoubtedly your best screen. Wonderful atmosphere!

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    This is fucking awesome.

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    Good screen, definitely a big improvement over your past work. The only thing I personally dislike is the red background to the windows of the station, but I don't really recall how the windows of the real deal look.

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    Wish the buildings had more pizzazz to them to break up the blockiness. Maybe a top trip piece (other than a fence, but rather a deco piece/crown moulding) to make their shape more interesting.

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