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    Good shapes and design, but feels very bare right now

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    I'm sorry but that's one of the worst buildings you've done in years. The roof texture looks awful here, and the overall colours are off too. I don't know why you went out of your way and posted an unfinshed screen of this.

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    Is it safe to assume you're married to the English palette now?


    Dig that station shape, very cool.

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    Sorry Shogo, normally I'm a big fan of your work, but I tend to agree with Liam here. The object choice is not good. That roof texture just doesn't work at all. I also think the colour of the walls blends in too much with that of the roof, they're just too close together IMO.

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    The roof textures are questionable but the rest is solid.  Maybe a bit too much open space, especially if this is a design.

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    BelgianGuy thinks using the steep thatched roof pieces we Made for dig site would look beter in this setting.
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    Pretty rough imo. Theres a lot of fence types going on, and none of them are particularly flattering. That red and that brown dont really make for a good combo, which is probably the biggest offender here.. I think the texture change suggested is a start at least. Is the open grass working well? Well, no, not really - theres not or anything else to frame the setting to allow it to look like it should. The whole thing on flat land like this, with everything separated from the path makes it scary close to having things along the path syndrome.
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    I dont always understand you
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    Colors are nice. I think it would benefit from some really large rocks/cliffs/boulders. Maybe grey or even black/granite.


    Cool stuff though man

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    It's not bad, but definitely a step back from your previous work. Remove the palette and it looks like 90% the realism stuff we see here, i'm used to see more quality from you. This looks mostly uninspired.

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    please don't do this to the BGW layouts shogo. It's killing me.

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