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    comment below
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    The contest hasn't even started yet bro

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    Cocoa wins first place in the pre-contest!

    Speech... speech... speech... speech... speech!!!!
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    Jeez, don't put me against this guy

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    I love this! For a thoughtless micro there's some great ideas and techniques to be found: the waterfall through a building is brilliant, great plants hanging over the waterfall too, I really like the turrets design, and the balloon landing platform is very pretty. The only downsides are that the coaster doesn't look functional, and that the purple contrasts a bit too much. You need a softer colour.
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    Ah fuck I’m gonna get rocked in the first round
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    So fucking lovely, so atmospheric... We really need more Cocoa parks! No one else can build so atmospheric like you.

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    Teach me master

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    So many chimneys. What are they all for??
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    So many chimneys. What are they all for??

    All the micros he's gonna smoke during the contest.
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    This is perfect. Nothing else to add. 

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    "All the micros he's gonna smoke during the contest" hehe

    Nice work :)
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    ill wire you .99 cents if you let me use this as my mico. shhh no one will realize

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    Your landscaping, structures, and foliage are all so well made and beautiful. It's almost as if the coaster ruins the picture a little bit. It takes away from the overall beauty and atmosphere. I'd probably try to integrate a water ride instead. But yeah, you are ridiculously good. Shame there isn't more Cocoa work out there.

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    This is amazing! :) The atmosphere is brilliant. I heavly like the waterfalls and the placement of the twister-flatride. But i have to agree with Liam and Lagom, maybe a color change for the coaster would be nice to make it fit better in this super cool atmosphere :)

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    have my children

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    hahahaha I'm so fucked when MM starts

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    Looks like a Monthly Micros entry :p

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    The contest hasn't even started yet bro


    Dude, the contest is already over.  

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