Screenshot / Yosef Mountaineer @ Jagged Rock Thrill Preserve


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    comment below
  • SSSammy%s's Photo

    this is really cool

  • Cocoa%s's Photo

    yeah i really like that

  • ][ntamin22%s's Photo

    Nice!  Really clean use of the custom support structure there.  It does a good job of letting the landscape show through.

  • Liampie%s's Photo

    Agreed, very nice stuff. I like the little scene with the waterfall. The rope bridge is also well done!

  • Faas%s's Photo
    Great stuff buddy!
  • RCThibo%s's Photo

    I love the simplistic yet beautiful landscaping in your parks. The custom supports really work perfectly here so we can see more of the landscaping.

  • Terry Inferno%s's Photo
    You definitely have an eye for scenic landscapes! I look forward to seeing scenes like these on a larger map.
  • MrTycoonCoaster%s's Photo
    good good :)
  • pierrot%s's Photo

    This is very well composed. I love how single dirt path strikes the entire scenes.

  • Lilith%s's Photo

    really beautiful landscaping

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