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    This is great. Lovely atmosphere, and the foliage is definately a lot better. Would love to see more splashes of colour though. A little bit too much grey and white.

    But yes, this is your best work in my opinion. Good job. Really looking forward to see more of this.

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    Turn on, tune in, and drop out, man

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    Yes this is your best work. Foliage looks good even if there is still a problem with the squary grass thingy. Love the swimming pool, it looks like the peeps on the towels are stoned.

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    Thanks, I'm getting quite enthusiastic now  :p


    Love the swimming pool, it looks like the peeps on the towels are stoned.


    Maybe they are ;)

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    Yes, this is great. Such an improvement on the foliage. Lagom is right, you can easily recolor the tents in some bright colors to even add more life! And the ping pong tables should be a more colorful color as well.

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    I love how well you got the scale on all the different tents accurate and consistent.

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    Very cute, i like it!

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    Definitely agree with more color; I like the peeps kicking around a rock for fun ;)

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    This is so incredibly creative! Keep this up, man! I love this

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    Wew, thanks for the kind words. I'll definitely bring some more color to it... and search for a ball object :p

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    lovely stuff

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