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    I would keep the wooden beams all one color.  Rest looks decent.

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    I agre with IonZer0, perhaps change all of those green fences to brown as well?


    Pretty nice though, really well composed I think.  Foliage is really lacking however, just seems a bit lazy.

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    Thanks for the tips, but how do you mean the foliage looks lazy? How could I make it better?
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    All the grass and bush pieces just feel like you placed them down without much thought or attempt to make it look good.


    Check out someone like RRP or Pacificoaster, their foliage always feels like its very well thought out and that almost every object is placed with purpose.

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    I see what you mean, but it's very difficult to learn. Thanks for the explanation.

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    Looks like Faas' work. It's cute. I like that train. Like G Force said, the foliage is not good. The grass and bushes should be less scattered around and be placed in patches. The mud and grass ground textures do not flow well into each other. And I think there is no need to use the full mud texture here. Having mostly grass will look best here. I think the fence around the swimming pool should be higher and you can make all your buildings one unit higher as well. Makes the whole picture a little bit more realistic.

    Good luck!

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    Don't use those grass objects like that! They're extremely square and it makes them stick out, it looks unnatural. I don't like the swamp plants either... Foliage (improving) and colouring issues (land textures included) aside, you're showing great improvement and promise. This is a very pleasant area!

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