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    This already feels very disneyish to me, I like it. I think this could greatly benefit from things like roadlines and signs. You've got the foundations wrapped up, that's for sure. I'm a fan.

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    This entrance just screams Disney, keep it up.

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    It feels a bit plain and boxy. Having the same color for the roof and path isnt ideal either. To fix the boxyness you just need to put more details on corners and make the generally feel less flat. Might be the fault of the wall type used as well. The little amount of foliage thats there is really nice though.
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    add peeps and some more small cool details to explore for the viewer and it's awesome!

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    Cool start, not sure if it feels totally disney, but its quite nice.  Overall the archy could probably use a bit more detail to really sell the area, especially considering thats almost the whole focus of the screen.

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    Could use some different wall textures/colors to break it up. Other than that its a great start. Love the shape of the plaza and the water tower. Look forward to another Disney project.

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    definitely some cool structures and atmosphere- but its somehow lacking life. it may be overuse of pink and the big black rooves. if you get some banners, signs/billboards/movie posters, hanging strings of lights, etc- it'll help a lot, because technically its actually pretty sound atm

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    Well, the people here in the NE are good at it, so this is my opinion:

    I do not have this clinical eye for realism, but it is very good I liked the buildings and and the central square, the gate in yellow imitating Mikey Mouse is nice, the pink makes cool contrast with the wine color. :)
    The water tank with detail I loved it.
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    Of all the Disney parks to be inspired by...
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    Good work overall but the diagonal facade needs more love and I can't say I like the uneven nature of the dark path (at least in that one spot), I feel that a Disney park would be more precise in its design. Nevertheless it's a good start and I can't wait to see your own interpretation of it.
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    Hey guys,

    I´m finishing up on KotMaS, but to break up the tedious ´finishing work´ I started with another project. I know it´s still kinda empty without peeps and the bare surroundings, but wanted to show it to you anyways. It's not going to be a one-on-one remake of the real park, but more of a 'park largely based on the real park'. Hope you guys like it and feedback is appreciated

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