Screenshot / some french architecture


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    Lovely stuff! Really like a french street should look like.

    The signs remind me - what happened to your Asterix park?



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    hmm... I lost my most updated version a long time ago. I have an older version still, its pretty damn old though. I spent a long time not being very good at this game

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    That's pretty epic Cocoa. Love the attention to detail and the atmosphere it oozes.

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    I know i've seen this screen before, but man... i still love it.

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    The same.  I love the textures on the buildings.  Such a lovely atmosphere.

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    Looks nice :). really gives a french atmosphere :).

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    J'aime ton travail, c'est magnifique! 

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    I took two years of french and I still had to run that through a translator :p


    All I can remember is 'je n'ai pas des piscine chez moi' and I'm pretty sure that is not even correct

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    Love this style, very accurate imitation of a French street. Great effort.

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    1-year-old bump. Not something you see every day.

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    ^it has been recently.

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    I must confess that is mainly due to me, I'm  new to the site and so have found myself stumbling across old pieces of work that I appreciate and can take inspiration from. Hope its not annoying lol I only do a few here or there!

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    Hey Cocoa that it's inded a great piece of architecture

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