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    IMO - not bad, but it depends a bit how big of a building will suit your park. Most compact coasters don't have such generous turn radiuses, but I can see this working if it doesn't require a massively out of proportion structure.
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    I think you definitely need to shrink this up a bit, even if just for the sake of the building you're going to have to build around it! I designed a Premier spaghetti bowl coaster a few months ago that managed to pack a lot in to a small space, what I found was that you have to layer things vertically as much as possible, and in lieu of straight drops you want to constantly be turning back and forth even while going up/down. It'll take a million tries to weave more and more track into the bowl, but the frustration is worth it!

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    While you could certainly tighten up the layout a good bit around the outside, and then in the middle, and even w/ the inner turns after that, the beauty of an indoor layout is that it's indoors -- we can't see it!


    One thing I've seen done is to make the ride structure deeper by digging out some ground underneath. Could help to make the building a more manageable height, thus preserving scale.



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    To echo what ][22 said about the turn radius, typically coasters get shorter turns and denser elements as layouts go on. It helps retain the feeling of speed as you return to the station. This is obviously a loose rule to follow, but elements like that last helix into the brake run that you have would be a candidate for this method.

    For an in-game reference, check out Disney's American Waterfront. It's probably the best example of that specific Vekoma model in RCT.  

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    Definitely would try and make it tighter and more compact by following what has been said above.  Some additional verticality might help as well, middle of the layout just seems so flat.

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    Or you could hide part of the building against a hillside and not need to shrink this.
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    Thnx on the advice guys. I had a look at the Spaghetti Bowl Coaster and the Escape from Alcatraz coaster from American Waterfront. I ´ve made the layout a lot tighter and put the coaster a few steps in the ground to preserve the height. I think it looks a lot better now. 


    I´m still in doubt wether or not I will put custom supports underneath it. Probably will look a lot better, and would be logical given the Crush's Coaster has custom supports too, but it will be hell placing those supports in the correct spots . . . 

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    Where is the MCBR?

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    Still working on the Disney Studios Paris project. I'm struggeling with the layout of the RnR / Iron Man Coaster by Vekoma. This is what I got now. Layouts aren't my strongpoint so advice is welcome.

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