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    Really nice!

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    Yoooo this is so good! I absolutely love the little rock wall idea. Excellent work as always.


    Makes me want to build a Sea World park.

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    thanks to both of you


    @In:Cities: your sea world park was was the inspiration to go this direction for my entry

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    Meeeeeekooooonnngggg palette

    Looks great, curious to see how it turns out.
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    Looks great, I love how we are all working with the same coaster and seeing a screen makes me try to figure out where around the coaster it is! Like a pretty puzzle!

    The rock wall is an easily identifiable quality add to the playground.
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    Looks excellent! I did get some In:Cities' Seaworld vibes from it. I loved contributing with a small area in that park - It's a really fun theme to work with.


    I think you are great at path selections, path decorations and path layouts - that was definitely one of the highlights of your Point West park for me, and it is continuing here. Also liking the yellow/blue combo for the coaster (and not only because I am Swedish, but that might be a part of it). Will be interesting to see the whole thing :)

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    Promising! Looks like it'll be a tough competition

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