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    so picturesque. Whats going on with the water colour though?

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    Not sure what happend haha, but here is the proper one:


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    gay in a good way i think

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    Great stuff, lovely foliage. Channelling the LL vibe somehow, I feel.

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    Loving this Leon. So cool how the architecture is relatively simple but totally effective. Very hard to get that.

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    So excited to see this finished. Such great stuff as always.

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    Is this the sequel to Bumbly Bazaar?


    Fantastic screen.

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    Is this the sequel to Bumbly Bazaar?



    Thought the exact same thing.

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    It's more in line with Nin's Six Flags Over Texas honestly.


    Great work though Leon, super chill.

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    Solid stuff. The blue and orange tents pop beautifully.

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    Wha tI love about this is that it gets done so much with actually very little. Small simple buildings, good foliage and composition, and standard in game objects like the mine hut and giraffe make this. This is pure RCT and I only wish I could make stuff like this. 

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    I just realized I didn't really leave my thoughts.


    I really like this. I appreciate the use of splash boats track over other methods of doing railings - it works really well here. Love the canopies and the pathing routing in and around the foliage and rockwork. Awesome little details like the waterside mine hut and the little seating areas.


    I really miss it having more peeps. Hopefully that will change.

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