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    Once again, don't forget some different land textures here and there under the foliage! ;) (Mostly right in the middle of the screen, but I see it elsewhere.)


    Nice and atmospheric, though the path could possible use some benches and such to give it some life. Kinda unfortunate that most of this screen is trees, eager to see the park as a whole.

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    Foliage is on point, again. Usually i hate this dark jungle tree but the way you've mixed it with the cabbage tree and darker bushes works very well. I would try and break up that long straight of path somehow.. perhaps in the middle of it put 3 tiles of seating between the path and the rapids (where you have the red flowers atm) and get rid of that single square of seating you have next to the bathroom (that is a smelly spot to be sitting). A strip or two of awnings crossing the path could be nice too.

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    Ah good point Alex.. yeah that would be a smelly seating area. Thank you!

    And I’ll fix the ground textures before it’s all said and done!
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    Yeah you've done a great job with the foliage, nice palette of trees that don't usually work together but you've used them well.


    I agree that you should break up the straight bit of path and I think one way of doing that could be to put the restroom on the other side and having a small seating area overlooking the rapids.

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    Lovely setting. I'd try to break up that long pathway too, but it's already been stated. Good stuff though otter!

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    This foliage is irresistible.

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    I'm not a fan of the foliage - I think you need more variety in the trees and less variety in the underbrush. And the entire screen is crying out for some color. I think you can do better. 

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    Foliage is fine for me. I've never been one for the jungle theme trees so I think you could get away with mixing in more of the "base" trees instead but that's just me.


    Try breaking away from the 2x2 structures. A 2x3 or a 1x1 tower attached to these could really break up the monotony of the architecture which is pretty boring for the moment. It looks fine, but until you step out of that comfort zone that's all it will be.


    Keep going! 

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    lush! try a red steel bridge for vibes?

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    The grassy areas are begging for teepee objects and firepits with entertainers walking around, or a little fishing spot, or a mushroom picnic shelter.

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