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    Very classic approach.  Yellow accent is working well, and the air-powered trellis is nice.  Good contrasting coaster colors.

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    Love the vibe here and the archy is nice and clean. I’d suggest changing the background of the Sinister sign to a darker color to let the text pop. Maybe brick red to match the roman wall trim or orange?
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    Really like the archy, the coaster and the general look of the area. But the path is a tad boring, especially on the left. Break it up a bit, and you got yourself a great little area. 

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    This might be some of the best stuff on the map as far as archy goes. i think you can do a bit more in the bounds of the coaster itself. I like the negative space, but i think there is too much. Maybe even different land textures would work well enough to break up the mowed grass.

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    Grass: The Theme Park

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    wow very cool, i liked :)

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    Think that's too much grass. Otherwise lovely.

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    Less grass


    Attached Image: Antiquita by Ottersalad 2020-02-04 12-22-25.png

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    The architecture here is very, very good. Very tastefully done. I'm not completely sold on the coaster layout though, but the colours are great and I always like seeing a less common coaster type!

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    Better. Sweet theming.

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    Yeah much better already

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