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    That archway is golden

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    Love this, that arch is such a fantastic focal point and guides the eye nicely into the park.

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    Great work. Excited for this.
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    Intentional IoE reference?

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    vibey. would love to see a tad more infrastructure- eg something for ticket turnstiles, some line fences for the ticket office, information desk, etc. sell the park entrance slightly more


    also- how does that train work? does it go through the arch on the other side? I'd consider raising the height of the 2x2 buildings framing it to make the whole structure pop and feel more exciting

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    I like dis

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    Great work Otter, so much fun has been put into this.

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    I really like how the entrance is both grand and yet compact and not too oversized/intimidating. The pallette is also wonderful. I love the snaking chunky green supports for the railway :)


    Two small things;


    1) The supports in the middle of the arch make no sense. If you have a structurally sound arch, it doesn't need to be supported in the middle. (The arch structure is very well done otherwise)


    2) The foliage surrounding the carousel is adorable, but is currently blocking the direct sight-line from the entrance archway to the ride, which seems a little odd.


    Overall though, this is a great screen, kudos :)

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    Great use of track for green archway
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    Classy and lovely.
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    Good work, but I really liked the roofs :)
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    Really love the arch but it's also confusing me a little. From this angle I get the sense that the arch runs all the way through the building, but that would imply the railway station being right on top of the arch, the arch sort of bulging through it from beneath, which of course could not be the case... That's not really a critique though, and anyway everything here looks great, some very accomplished ncso building and a pleasant atmosphere. 

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