Screenshot / Andante Rentals / 2600 Shenault Ave, San Junipero, CA


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    Pretty nicely done! Bu it does feel for me like it still misses something, although I can't really point out what.

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    I’ll take one studio
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    There was literally nothing there yesterday WTF

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    was about 2 hours of work

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    Cool stuff. I love that checkerboard wall.

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    While I like this, I wish the map cut-off was one tile further back. The white building looks very thin the way it is now and it kind of gives the impression to me that the building is structurally unsound. Even though I know it is a cut-off, the proportions just look at bit awkward.


    Excellent work overall though.

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    It's missing the back half of the buildings, if it wasn't so close to the map edge this would be ultra nice, currently its just very nice.


    Also, whats with the purple cars?  Have you ever seen a purple car?  Dark blue would be better.

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    I'll have whatever you're having.. 

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    Very pretty and well composed :) My only qualm is the lack of drive through window. I get what you were going for with the red circle, but I think an actual window would work better :) Fantastic screen overall, kudos!

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    I adore this.

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    Amazing screen! 

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