Screenshot / #fbf: Rising Hell (2002)


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    Lots of straight path, kinda different. Like the towers popping out of the forest.

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    Have to say, this is a very dull screen.

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    Needs benches, bins and lamps.

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    I remember this was very underwhelming even back then, given who worked on it. Tony was a massive Natelox fanboy and had tried hard to persuade him into a duo opportunity. Not sure how much Natelox actually built on this.

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    This isn't terrible for little-to-no-hacks LL that's old enough to vote, but it definitely hasn't aged well either. The landscaping doesn't make a great deal of sense (there's a single block of terrain with a lone shrub in the middle of a building), the long stretches of path with nothing on them look unfinished, and that coaster shoehorned off to the side in favor of nondescript patches of trees isn't the best planning choice. 


    The whoa bellies bubbling up from the ground are a cool detail. Shame that the path combination is so haphazard-looking.

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