Screenshot / Seppuku


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    Such a strong atmosphere.

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    I like it. Its got a nice cambodian feel to it.

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    Its got a nice cambodian feel to it.


    That's really great to hear.

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    I would suggest an alternative texture to the plain marble wall though. That's the only thing that doesn't feel right. Perhaps the yellow would be better?

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    Awesome seating area. I love the brown path awning you've got going on there.

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    now this is some ll work by you i can get into...
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    Juicy. Wants in on

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    liiiiiittle busy for me.  The foliage mix isn't quite there yet.  The fence trim on the roofs seems like it could be better used to highlight important structures than as default for everything.

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    What is the focal point of the screen? I think a yellow wall would look better.

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    I love that screen. 

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