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    Outside of that green, I think your color choices are alright! Lovely screen, promising... Adding peeps in your parks will do a lot more ;) 

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    are you colorblind? your roof choice colors reaaaly remind me of another player who was famously colorblind and whose name has gone out of my head. not bad though, i especially would want to visit the pizza pasta cafe

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    Hello Thethrillman,

    Really nice block of buildings in this screen.

    The scale of the central beige castle-esque courtyard seems large compared to the rest of the architecture, which is all very nice.


    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.



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    This looks a lot more like Venice than Rome haha.  

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    Pretty interesting stuff! The market inside the walls looks cool.
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    Strikes me as colourblind too. Looks very promising nonetheless. I could tell from the thumb that this was Italian, so good job on capturing it.

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    I agree with you about the colors. The grey building on the left is awesome tho. I also like the beige building in the middle, reminds me of my castle in Parenzo. Scaling is a bit off here and there, for example with the white building, which is probably why you think it's not that cohesive. What you're showing here is very promising tho!

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    Good stuff,  I think it's just the overall planning and layout that's causing trouble.  I see what you're going for with the canals but it just gets eaten up by the architecture when it's set up like a grid.

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