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    Pure, beautiful.

    Interlocking loops are the most aesthetically pleasing coaster element in this game, and this screen proves it.



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    Remember this. Still so nice shogo.


    What's happening with this project?

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    Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh so good. love this!

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    I dig the old school support work. Gives this a unique aesthetic. 

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    No sure if the bright textures (egyptian walls) sell the scotland theme much
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    Spectacular, I love your way of blending old school objects with new style.

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    HEYY my layout is still being used.

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    Beautiful stuff. The crazy elevation change really adds alot for me here, thats not easy to pull off.

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    Awesome. Especially the pathing.

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    Incredible work Shogo. You're still easily one of the best builders out there.

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    You blow me away with every screen Shogo. One of my favourite parkmakers.

    Weird bench? It works though so whatever.

    I feel like the bulk of the path in the middle left could use a taller tree where the rocks are to break it up but maybe it’s the angle.
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    One of the stairs randomly uses another texture. There are some more unrefined bits like that around the screen. Overall, this is super pleasant though. Old but silver.

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    Some of the best path texture blending I've seen with the brick/crazy.  Is this using an old bench?  It has an intricate look with a throwback vibe.

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    Really love the vibe here, and especially the path going under the brake run. Station is wonderful as well!
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    Sorry but there's nothing in this screen that really draws me in.  It's not a bad screen, but just doesn't have anything to pique/keep my interest for more than a few seconds.

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