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    I really like where this is going! great architecture for now. Not a fan of those big supports in the water under that walkway though.

    when's your next screen up? ;)

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    I admire your bravery posting this in public. 

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    Would it be a Steve park without trees in lines?

    I have trouble suggesting things for work in progress previews, but I think you’re on the right track here. Ferris wheel will be a sound addition.
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    Put some perpandicular beams on that long stretch of blue tent roof on the right. I like how the right and left building have the same colour and texture to patch the area together and make it easy on the eye.
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    Very tasteful. The boardwalk is fantastic.

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    I think your detail work on the archy is amazing, that blue building is fantastic. I don't like the boardwalk supports either, the screen is so warm and charming but those are so cold and industrial. Maybe some custom wooden lattice supports might look better?

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    It's nice, but it's also the most drab boardwalk after Renaview's

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    So nice, but I think just a few touches of brighter colours would go a long way. Small things like changing the window box plants from tan to yellow.

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    Nice work, and very quaint and beautiful, but for me the buildings lack purpose. They look like plain houses while I was expecting arcades, shops, restaurants....

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    The texture of the blue canvas blows but the use of it is intricate and skillful enough to pull it off.  The rest is classy,  as always.

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